#90 - Spooky Time!

i tried to make this as halloween-y as possible. Snips, Spitballs, the Headboys, and Bugs Tomorrow. - Chloe

And if someone hand told me it was a halloween episode, I'd have rushed this a lot faster. Oh well, enjoy!  - The Editor


#89 - Linda Ronstadt Race!!

Chloe is still in New Jersey, and listening to Chloe is still in New Jersey, and listening to the Elevators, Dough & the Slugs, the Cretones, and (weirdly) Linda Ronstadt. This episode is late because a new intern took over, and she's still getting the hang of things. 


#72 - Record Store Day

Chloe pumps us up for Record Store Day with some stuff from The Kinks, The Ramones, The Wipers, Cleaners From Venus, and Walter Lure & the Waldos. This Saturday, April 22nd, is Record Store Day. Join us at the shop starting at 10 AM and snag some of the records Chloe talks about in this episode (and more!)