Shake Appeal - Episode #3

Ken and Chloe talk about Mighty Baby, Cheap Trick, and The Knack, and how much Chloe loves flutes. 


We had a power outage around the 13 minute mark. We lost about a minute of footage.

Ken and Chloe talked a little bit about the members of Cheap Trick, and how the drummer Bun E. Carlos is no longer in the band and how that's a huge bummer; guitar player Rick Nielsen's son has taken over drumming duties. Then Chloe was talking about the first time she saw Cheap Trick was when they opened for Aerosmith and Ken was challenging her about whether Cheap Trick was better than Aerosmith.

Show Notes:

Mighty Baby/The Action

Phil Collins / Genesis
the song we play is "A Friend You Know But Never See" off self-titled first album on Head Records, Martin Stone (guitar player)

Cheap Trick
link to "the Flame" video
link to "Downed"
"Southern Girls" off In Color

The Knack

song we play is "Good Girls Don't" off Get The Knack